Support For Start-Ups

Cornwall is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit. We’re here to help grow that spirit into sustainable, robust businesses that stand the test of time.


If your start-up has been trading for under two years and has the drive to grow, you could be eligible for support at no cost to your business.


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How we can help

There’s no simple trick for making a business successful: it’s the result of hard work, dedication and devotion to achieve the goals, but coaching at this crucial early stage can mean your time and energy is optimised to make sure you get the most output from your efforts.

For start-ups in particular, if you’re working in a field that’s new to you or if you’ve never run your own business before you could benefit from immediate access to our coaches’ breadth of experience across a wide range of areas.

Areas that our coaches are regularly brought in to help with include:

  • Planning Strategy

  • Managing Finances

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Leadership & Management

  • Productivity


There’s never a bad time for business coaching to take place, but the earlier it is deployed, the greater the scope for what can be achieved.


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What’s available to help my start-up?

Each coaching experience is tailored to your individual needs. By approaching Oxford Innovation Cornwall for support, you’ll get the benefit of years of experience from multiple industry experts, not just one coach.

Many start-ups start off with our Built to Last module, which helps lay the groundwork for successful businesses.

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