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The skill set for setting up a company and leading a team are often very different, which is why Leadership Coaching can be an invaluable tool for helping business owners take the next step in developing their own abilities.

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Developing skills for effective leadership

For many business leaders “Firefighting” often encroaches on an already busy schedule; fixing issues that might immediately be apparent, but at the cost of time that could be spent developing a business or the leader’s personal skillset.

Leadership coaching creates a challenging but safe environment, where a leader can explore their own competencies and work with a coach on their personal development, addressing issues that could be inhibiting growth that simply wouldn’t otherwise be identified.

Understanding the leadership challenge

The’ Leadership challenge’ is often thought of as the scale of the task facing the leader. However, there are a couple of other very significant factors.

The first is the context the Leader is operating in. Items such as the maturity of the organisation, the potential in the market place, the historical performance of the business etc. The third factor is the capability of the leader to contribute. Factors such as experience, technical skills, personal capacity and behavioural preferences will also be significant factors.

Learn with an experienced critical friend

Leading an organisation can be isolating, especially if you work within a niche industry and don’t have the luxury of a network of peers close at hand.

By working with one of our experienced leadership coaches, not only do you get a ‘sounding board’ for ideas, you also get the benefit of years’ worth of experience.


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Is Leadership & Management coaching right for me?

People come to leadership coaching for a variety of different reasons, but it can add most value when employed at the beginning or very early stages of a significant change or challenge within an organisation.

If a business has begun to stagnate, or growth is happening at a slower rate than planned, leadership coaching could help identify areas for improvement that would otherwise go unrecognised.

You could be eligible for coaching from Oxford Innovation Cornwall at no cost to you or your business. See our eligibility criteria to find out more.


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