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Oxford Innovation Cornwall offers business coaching tailored to your business’ core objectives, whether that means promoting growth, managing significant changes or increasing overall productivity.

Because Oxford Innovation Cornwall is fully-funded, you can benefit from experience of multiple industry experts at no cost to your business.

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What is Business Coaching?

Doing more for your business doesn’t always mean you’re getting more for it. Sometimes it takes a helping hand to see where your energy could be better spent.

Business coaching introduces outside insight, opening you up to a new way of approaching your work and achieving your objectives.

Every organisation has its own unique goals and challenges, which is why we take a tailored approach to coaching, drawing on different coaches specialties where needed.

No two coaching sessions we offer are identical, instead  taking a more holistic approach that is focused purely on what we can do to help you go further.

If you know that your business has the potential to achieve more, specialised coaching could be for you.

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Is Business Coaching Right For Me?

Business Coaching is not a silver bullet that will immediately turn a troubled business into a profitable venture overnight. It can be a challenging and at times lengthy process, which relies on a dedicated effort from both parties to achieve the best results.

If you have the ambition to grow your business along with the drive and determination to get results, there’s no end to what can be achieved with the right support.

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