Executive placement development coach

Sara began her career in hospitality in the UK and then overseas working as Operations Manager on a private island resort in Malaysia and opening a luxury travel centre in Kuala Lumpur. Sara was part of the senior opening team for the first luxury hotel on the East coast of the UAE and then went on to manage 16 accommodation sites containing 10,500 bedrooms for the 2006 Asian Games.
As Director of Implementation and Change Management for Hilton Worldwide, Sara was responsible for developing and executing a global rollout of a unique, single-solution technology platform. This involved building and leading an internationally diverse team, during which Sara increased her passion for developing every individual within the group, ensuring optimum performance. Sara’s expertise lies within understanding the customer’s journey, working across geographically and culturally diverse regions, planning, high impact leadership and project development life cycle all with a focus on proven strategies for business growth.
Sara will work with you to identify the opportunities within your business to grow the team and create a stronger sense of team unity, employee engagement and workforce effectiveness.