Find out more about the part Oxford Innovation has played in supporting some truly remarkable businesses


Idenna put their skills to great use while giving back to the community and championing “extraordinary creative for extraordinary times”.

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Solve are helping to connect people in innovative ways online to make up for the shortfall experienced by many during the lockdown.

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Hedgehog Digital

OIC client Hedgehog Digital turn their expertise towards creating Help Together, a site set up to help people all over Cornwall during the Covid lockdown.

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Naked Solar PV panel installers

Naked Solar

Oxford Innovation Cornwall has been working with Naked Solar since 2011 and in that time it has grown in size and reputation to become one of the region’s most loved solar PV suppliers.

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The Tide Climbing Centre

The Tide Climbing Centre plays many roles, but support from six Oxford Innovation coaches helped the start-up become one of Cornwall’s leading attractions.

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Gendall Design

Gendall Design’s story of innovation began 33 years ago, but help from Oxford Innovation has allowed them to venture into brave new waters.

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